Great news! The film, Borneo’s Vanishing Tribes, is complete!!!

We’ve just sent a link to the finished film to our collaborators and supporters. Many hands were involved in the making of this film and it would not be what it is without all the hardworking, talented, and creative contributors who played a vital role in it’s creation. We thank you all!

We’ve shared the film with the researchers, artists, and conservationists who offered their knowledge and insights and were willing to be interviewed for the film. We’re so appreciative for their patience and generous participation.

We’re doing our best to get the film into the hands of the numerous Dayak communities and tribal members who shared their amazing stories. Their voices and faces grace this film and without them the film would never have happened. We’re eternally grateful for being able to enter their lives and to hear their stories and concerns.

Soon we will get the film out for everyone to see. For now, we need to hold off posting it on our social channels until we navigate the requirements of film festivals and other venues, but we hope to get a version online ASAP. It is our hope that this film can help make a difference and bring some much needed relief to the Dayak people and the forests of Borneo. We thank you all so very much!!!
Please stay tuned…

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