If you can help financially, here are several organizations who will put your hard-earned money to good use.

To help the Dayak people donate to the Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago

Save Our Borneo

Documenting deforestation, running campaigns and petitioning the government.


Donate to Rainforest Action Network to help prevent deforestation and the loss of species


Donate to Orangutan Outreach to help rescue, rehabilitate, and return rescued orangutans to where they belong - in the forests of Borneo


If you can offer your time and effort there are many local environmental organizations that can use your help.

Help repair the peat swamp forests of Central Kalimantan:


Attend The Indonesian Forum for the Environment; an organization trying to keep palm oil companies honest. (Be sure to turn on translation in Google Chrome)

Kubung Kids Learning Space

Help the kids of Kubung village to learn English. Give them the tools necessary to protect the forests that surround their village


There are many actions you can take in your daily life to make a difference.
  • Talk with store managers at the places you shop, encourage them to purchase from palm oil free sources
  • Host a screening party and show our film or one of the many others on similar topics
  • Attend local and regional meetings about local issues such as: water, conservation, recycling, and sustainability
  • Promote youth initiatives that foster deeper connections with the natural world
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Cast your vote for green candidates who will support action on climate change

Get to know the positions of the people who represent your district in Congress

Share your feelings with other voters... talk, write, or blog about it!


Write to your representatives in Congress and demand they take action to convince the Indonesian and Maylaysian governments of the need to protect the forests of Borneo!

Use this link to find your representatives

Write to other policy makers

Write an editorial to your local newspaper

Help spread the word, educate your community, share via social media,  or get on local radio and talk about it

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Here are some other actions you can take:

Learn about the environmental conditions near your home. In the U.S. check the EPA website for more info

Make a pledge to do more about water conservation

Commit to making lifestyle changes that improve sustainability


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Looking for more ways to help?!

Here are 33 things you can do to reduce your footprint and help the environment:

  1. Start a compost heap to reduce the waste you send to landfill sites.
  2. Set up your own bee hive: without bees we would not survive (and honey is good for your health).
  3. Use a diaper washing service: they use 30% less energy and 40% less water than home washing.
  4. Slow down. Driving at 50mph uses 25% less fuel than 70mph.
  5. Turn down your heat and put on a sweater. Likewise, turn off your air-conditioner and put on shorts.
  6. Instead of that long bath, take a short shower to save water.
  7. Choose energy-efficient appliances when you replace the old ones.
  8. Buy compact fluorescent light bulbs. They last 8 times as long and use a fraction of the energy.
  9. Join a library instead of buying books.
  10. Get to know your neighbors; they're more likely to keep your home safe than security lamps.
  11. Ride a bike instead of driving.
  12. Use low-phosphate or phosphate-free detergents. Phosphates stimulate algal growth when discharged into the water supply, lowering oxygen levels and killing plants and fish.
  13. Buy local produce, or better yet, grow your own and save energy on transportation.
  14. Move in with a friend so you light and heat one home rather than two.
  15. Give a colleague a ride to work; if no one is going your way, join a ride-share service and find a passenger.
  16. Cook with friends. Large quantities of food use less packaging than the same quantity in individual portions (and take less energy to cook).
  17. Take your vacation locally.
  18. Set up a composting bin.
  19. Refuse plastic or paper bags at stores. Carry cloth bags in your pocket, purse, pack, or car.
  20. Donate your leftover paint to a community project. Don’t just toss it, there's nasty stuff in it!
  21. Commit to not using bottled water. Drink tap or filtered water.
  22. Set up a clothes line to dry your clothes; electric dryers use too much electricity.
  23. Buy sustainable chocolate, coffee, tea, and other goodies.
  24. Turn off TVs and stereos instead of switching them to standby mode.
  25. Paint your walls a lighter color so you'll need less artificial light.
  26. Only flush toilets if really necessary. If it’s yellow, let it mellow!
  27. Improve ambience and dine by candlelight. You’ll be saving electricity.
  28. Insulate your home. Insulation can cut heat loss by up to 60%.
  29. Buy from companies with eco-friendly policies; boycott those without.
  30. Upgrade your home with solar panels.
  31. Use a mug instead of disposable cups.
  32. Cancel that expensive gym membership and walk to work instead.
  33. Buy less stuff! Save your time and your money as well as your planet!